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System of online sales Agroxi


It is a system of online sales of agricultural products, seeds, fertilizers and agricultural services, which is free of charge for sellers of agricultural products and works without fees for customers.

Agroxi automates:

  • Check of Counter-agents
  • Confirmation of availability and quality of agricultural products (for example, through the register of warehouse receipts)  
  • Process of forming of a competitive market price (sales)   
  • Circulation of documents with sales agreement (automated forming of direct contract, invoice, sale records etc.)

What other useful features does Agroxi have, besides sales?

  • Indexes of Agro Prices – weekly renewal, free access to current agricultural prices with the history of changes, comfortable comparison of prices during different periods and for different crops
  • Interactive map of elevators in Ukraine – contains detailed information about 1100+ elevators, allows defining the best one for storage (there is a calculator of standard weight and calculations of cost of storage in each elevator)
  • Search for agricultural machinery “Agricultural Machinery Ours for Our” – allows searching and placing agricultural machinery for rent and common use
  • Catalogue of Agro-companies (actually, it is a free website of your agro-enterprise, which does not require additional expenses on its support and upgrade)
  • Online calculators of shipment by train and automobile transport around Ukraine, interactive information on closure or temporary stoppage of railway stations operation in 2018


all the above-mentioned services are free of charge!

Why is it important?


  • System automates processes of search for a better value for money
  • Allows owners of agricultural products to maximize price through agricultural sales
  • Opens an additional direct way to sales to manufacturers of seeds and fertilizers
  • Allows owners of agricultural machinery to get an additional profit from its rent and common use
  • Allows searching for the most advantageous conditions of storage and sale in elevators
  • Simplifies work with direct foreign customers  

How it works:

  1. Registration is personal
  2. Adding the company (creating/editing profile of the company in the system)
  3. Verification of person and his rights to represent the company in online sales
  4. Participation in online sales

ServicesofAgroxi, exceptonlinesales, requirelowerlevelofchecksorare availablewithoutregistration.  

Online sales allow agricultural market participants to:  

• DO BUSINESS with reliable companies. The system provides automated and independent check of counter-agents, ability of a customer to pay for a product, apply useful and cheap financial tools of our partner banks and insurance companies;

• have DOCUMENTED CHARACTERISTICS of the product, which is being bought. The system conducts an automated check of documents for the sold agricultural products, such as warehouse receipts and warehouse documents; 

• QUICKLY fix the deal price in ONLINE SALES (legally relevant sales/purchase through online reverse auction);

• have a package of documents for making a DIRECT sales agreement, formed automatically based on results of online reverse auction: instantly and without commission get an electronic version of reverse auction records, invoice, sales (delivery) agreement, storage agreement (with elevator).  

TryrightnowwhatitmeanstoSELLONLINEyour harvest through sales, by clicking “Test sales”! You will definitely like it.


International exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment InterAGRO

International exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment InterAGRO is the epicenter of innovations in agricultural machinery and equipment.

Major part of the InterAGRO exhibition participants consists of manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment, thus making the exhibition even more compliant with the standards of world’s largest agroindustrial exhibitions.

At the exhibition, the latest developments and innovations for the global and national machine building for agricultural sector are represented, as well as agricultural equipment for repair and maintenance, spare parts, precision agriculture and climate technologies, equipment and technologies for crops growing, agricultural chemistry.

Within the frames of the exhibition, a series of business events will be held, the topics of which is formed with respect to the current issues of the agroindustrial complex, taking into account the latest tendencies of the industry development all over the world. Participants of the international conferences, seminars, round tables will be able to orientate themselves in the whirlpool of the novelties of the sector and understand the directions of the industry development.

Among the bright events of the exhibition is the summarizing of the totals and winners awarding ceremony of InterAGRO Innovation Award, the international contest of innovative solutions in agricultural machinery and equipment, which is held in order representatives of agricultural industry could know the best innovative solutions in agricultural machinery and equipment, and enterprises and organizations could have а stimulus for implementation of their innovations into serial production.

In  2018  the international exhibition InterAGRO once again proved its leading position on Ukrainian market, as well as in the world arena. The following facts can confirm it:

  • 18, 000 professional visitors;
  • 19,500 visits
  • 293 exhibitors, including 67 foreign companies;
  • 17 participating countries: Austria, Belarus, China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, the USA
  • National Pavilions of Germany and France
  • Collective exposition of China 
  • 30 unique events with participation of the leading foreign and Ukrainian experts in the field of agriculture
  • 30, 000 sq.m of exposition area


Our exhibitions

Agro Animal Show - international exhibition of the effective animal husbandry and poultry  GRAIN TECH EXPO - international exhibition of innovative solutions in grain business  FRUIT. VEGETABLES. LOGISTICS - international exhibition of high-technology vegetable-growing, industrial gardening and viticulture


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